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The Crybaby Club is an all-inclusive community turned flair shop, blog, & brand
that first took shape on Instagram in January 2016 at the hands of its creator, Natalie.
Her original concept and art, combined with the love and support of her friends,
turned this idea into a powerful feminist movement, growing faster and farther with each passing day.
Together, The Crybaby Club and its 20,000 members, do the oh, so important work of spreading love,
lifting one another and filling the world with light, all while acknowledging emotions without shame or fear.

It is the mission of The Crybaby Club to teach young girls and women that being sensitive
does not trivialize their existence, negate their power or desecrate their worth.
The club also believes that it is vital to teach boys and reteach men
how to not be afraid of their feelings, and to deconstruct the myths
of hyper-masculinity and hyper-femininity,
and replace them with ideas and gestures of radical softness, and emotional self awareness.
It is the belief of the club that emotional people are the ones that hold true strength inside of them,
because they are not afraid to let themselves feel.

We may cry, but we can still get things done.
Welcome to The Crybaby Club
The Spots
aka "places you can find our stuff in 'real life'"
City & State | Memphis, TN
Muddy's BakeshopMemphis, TN
Crazy Beautiful | Memphis, TN
Broadway Paper Co. | Milwaukee, WI
Ex-Voto | Montreal, Canada